Cogeneration Units

Our Combined Heat and Power Units

Our cogeneration units operate according to the principle of combined heat and power generation and achieve an efficiency of 90 %. The mentioned process is based on the simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal power.

In our premises, we assemble cogeneration units and deliver them as turnkey units. The engine-generator unit is connected by a flexible coupling and mounted on a warp resistant frame.

The heat of the engine and the exhausts is coupled out via heat exchangers and thus it is separated hydraulically from the heating loop. Together with our units, the customer will receive the required control unit.
The switchgear is designed for the operation parallel to the power network of the energy provider, but island and peak load operation is possible as well. The control unit consists of a performance and control element. In addition, it adheres to the VDE and DIN standards for customer generation units within the parallel mains operation. We use Siemens Simatic S7 units as control element.
According to our customer’s needs, we offer our units with sound-absorbing housings to achieve a remarkable reduction of the sound emission, but they can be installed in containers as well.

We are at your service 24 hours a day to ensure a profitable, save and secure operation of your cogeneration unit. If desired, we may monitor the installed cogeneration unit by means of remote maintenance.

Contact us and we will find an appropriate solution for you.

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About us

We offer cutting-edge technology in the field of Combined Heat and Power-Units - CHPs. As a full service provider Xpertec Sommer Energy implements the complete design and construction of CHPs up to 1000 kWh electrical power, as well as all further tasks including construction, operation, maintenance, repairs, replacement and management.