Energy Systems Leasing

Due to ever-rising demand for energy, expansion of public power grids and higher environmental awareness energy costs continue to rise sharply and become incalculable. Modern energy solutions like photovoltaic systems for self-consumption produce energy at unit costs comparable to those of conventional sources. Investments often become difficult by tying up needed capital for other future purchases.

To ease strain on your liquidity xpertec offers leasing- /hire-purchase concepts for energy systems and gives you a high degree of energy price stability up to a 15-year period.

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About us

We offer cutting-edge technology in the field of Combined Heat and Power-Units - CHPs. As a full service provider Xpertec Sommer Energy implements the complete design and construction of CHPs up to 1000 kWh electrical power, as well as all further tasks including construction, operation, maintenance, repairs, replacement and management.